on February 6, 2015

Do you know what the word “compassion” means?

Look it up in your dictionary. What does it say? Do you understand it?

Watch this video and listen carefully. Think about ways you have been compassionate toward others. Make a list of the times you have practiced compassion. How would you feel if you were having a problem and others would be compassionate towards you?

Compassion is a very special virtue or value. We can be compassionate towards people who are suffering, who are poor, who do not have the same blessings as we do.

We can also be compassionate towards animals. All animals are sentient beings, that means they feel, just like you and me.

Remember the video I published about the  blind boy and the bird he found? He was being compassionate and helped the little bird get back to its nest.

Have you ever been compassionate toward an animal?

Many people pick up stray dogs and cats and take them to animal shelters or take them home to take care of them. Miss Monica adopted a kitten who was found here in school one morning, crying because he did not have a leg. It seems he got inside the school truck during the night and slept near the motor, because it felt warm.

In the morning, Sr. Francisco started the pick up in order to get it out of the yard and the kitten’s leg was caught in the running motor.

When Miss Monica came to school she saw the little hurt kitten and immediately took it with her to a Veterinarian. The doctor took care of the kitten and in a few days the cat was fine.

Miss Monica took the kitten home and took care of it, fed it and loved it.

That’s compassion.

2 responses to “LETTERS FROM DENVER, day 36 COMPASSION

  1. Miss Michelle says:

    Miss Lilian:
    Compassion is truly on of my favorite virtues. We love all 3 videos and l keep reminding my 4th graders how important it is to ‘do to others what we wish others would do for us’ 🙂
    If little by little, each and everyone one of us shows compassion towards eachother, this world would become a whole different, better place to live.

    Much love from 4th B and I, Miss Michelle.


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