on June 5, 2015

So the weather here has been kind of crazy. last night we had a Tornado Warning, there was lightning and thunder, pouring rain and big balls of hail, the size of marbles!

The hail was hitting against the windows and Kitty and Bunny were very scared. They ran and hid in a corner in my bedroom, behind my bed! Miss Monica and i were texting each other, commenting on the weather. Neither of us had been in such a situation and we were a bit frightened. I thought: “Maybe the windows will break!”

I peeked through the curtains and saw the street covered in white hail! We did not go to sleep until around 1 AM, when it finally stopped. Nothing broke and nothing serious happened here, thank God!

When things like these occur it makes one very grateful that one is alive and well and it made me think of all the children that have been in extremely difficult situations and have lost their relatives to earthquakes or floods or hurricanes.

What a blessing it is to be ALIVE! And to be able to LOVE one another.

You, my dearest students, should make it a point to inspire other children and adults to love and care for one another, because LOVE is essential to happiness.

You are very special children, because you are able to go to school without any problems, like the children in other places who have to cross dangerous bridges or hike mountains to reach their school.

Never forget how fortunate you are.

Share your love and joy with every one every day! Smile, the world will thank you.

2 responses to “LETTERS FROM DENVER, day 157

  1. Miss Yulene says:

    L O V E : 2B

    Max says that “ Love for him is something that you really like”.

    Paulina : “Love is like happiness shared with other people.

    Daniel : for him love is sharing your expressions with other people and enjoying time with them or having a connection with them .

    Marco “Love is the laughter inside your heart”

    Maria Jose “Love is something that persons have to express with someone or something”

    Alex Meza: Love is opening your heart to give it to another person.

    Mariana “Love is like that can make you be very happy ”

    Nicole: “Love is a feeling for other people”

    Pedro: “Love is giving your heart to another person”

    Paulo: “Love is the good things you want to do with other people”

    Liu: “Love is like to express your emotions to somebody else”.

    Ivanna S: “Love is expressing what you feel”.

    I loved how your video made my students express what is love for them, it made me feel very emotional, because sometimes we forget how beautiful children can describe feelings in their own innocence.

    For me love is EVERYTHING 🙂 !! I love the quote ” laugh as much as you breathe. love as long as you live ” and I agree!

    We love you and miss you very much and we hope that you can get our good vibes all the way to Denver and all our love!


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