on June 10, 2015


This little boy  has done a very good dee indeed! He grew his hair very long so he could donate it to children who do not have any hair because they are sick with cancer.

You see, one of the treatments for cancer is called Chemotherapy, and one side effect, is that it makes people loose their hair.

So many people around the world let their hair grow so they can give it away to make wigs for these children! I am sure the children with cancer are very thankful to them, don’t you thinK? I know that there are some children in our school who have done this great deed.

How would YOU like to donate your hair to other children who are not as fortunate as you? It would be fantastic if all our students at BAI were united in a common goal, that of making other less fortunate children happy.

I am sure Miss Alma  and Miss Gaby would approve of boys letting their hair grow, IF they wear it in a nice pony tail with gel! I know I  would agree to that instantly!

Because to be able to help others in  need is the greatest gift of all!

4 responses to “LETTERS FROM DENVER, day 162

  1. Miss Yulene says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    I watched the news with the story of this boy a couple of days ago trough the internet and I was stunned.. We were talking about it today and we think he is an amazing person. We hope that there can be more people like that , that truly believe that helping each other is something beautiful and rewarding…

    We love you blogs, and we hope to keep seeing more from them ! Thankyou for keeping in touch with us and teaching us beautiful and amazing videos and stories that we rarely hear about them !

    We love you and miss you!


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    • romaliart says:

      Thank you I really appreciate it as a matter of fact I wrote a letter today to Ms. Gabi me Sanmar in with Vanessa asking them to approve a complain so that all the children at school elementary school children are invited to let their hair grow so they can donate it to children who have cancer so I’m waiting for their answer so I can start a campaign
      This school year and by the end of June of next year everybody can cut their hair and donate it
      You think?


  2. -maria says:

    I think it’s wonderful so long as the child is a willing participant. It can’t have been easy to endure the bullying.

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