on September 11, 2015

Hello my dear students,

Here we are at the beginning of yet another school year.

I invite you to make it the very best so far. Every day that  we wake up we have two options: to do our best or not to. I know you’re very young, but take it from me, time has a way of sneaking up on us, and before  you know it, you will have graduated from BAI and then from Middle School, and then from High School and then you will be in the university of your choice.

So, let’s begin by making an effort to improve ourselves in every way!

I am sure you have participated in a game, such as  basketball, soccer, volleyball…where all members of the team work together to achieve success.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 8.56.08 PM

Can you think of other things you can do with your peers or friends at school that promotes team work? How about picking up the trash after recess? How about leaving your classroom in order before going home?  On September 19 all of us will participate in Coastal Cleaning, that is something that we can do as a team. I certainly hope to see you there. I AM GOING and MISS MONICA TOO!

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 8.59.16 PM

Can you think of things you can do at home, with your parents and siblings? You see, in a family, every member should have a chore to do, so things are done quicker and better and everyone has more time to spend with one another.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 9.01.22 PM

Can you share with your classmates what chores you do at home and how it helps your family life?

Everyone has different talents that we must discover them in ourselves and in our team mates in order to work together to the best of our ability.

Working as a team means helping each other as well as looking out for each other. When we work together as a team things get done in a more efficient way.

Share with your classmates suggestions on what to do at school to promote team work, and with your parents at home talk about every member can do its best to have a happy and fruitful family life.

Choose an activity to practice this value each day of the month, both at school and at home. Write a brief report about it and hand it to your teacher at the end of the month. Comment on how it helped you become a better person.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 9.06.09 PM

20 responses to “TEAM SPIRIT

  1. Miss Soraya says:

    Hello Miss Lilian, We really liked your video about Teamwork! We miss you. 5B

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  2. Miss Yulene says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    Welcome back! we are actually learning about birds in Science and we really enjoyed the geese video you uploaded for us , they really do work in teams and we should learn more about how to be great leaders and how to learn how to work in teams.

    On Saturday the 19th I was explaining to my students how we are going to work as a team to clean the beach , to help our environment and animals that live in the ocean , I hope we are able to become an even better team and work together, because teamwork is a great way of putting together the many qualities each one has and becoming even better at something together.

    Thank you for your video, we love you!!


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  3. willkay says:

    Thank you very much for the blog post Miss Lilian.

    The good news, Jorge gets to do something that helps the family and the environment!

    Regina would like to wash the dishes, but her family are happy not letting her!

    And, it appears. Mariana can sort out the whites from the coloureds!

    See you on the beach,

    6B (Yes, I am now taking 6B, it confuses me as well)

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  4. Miss Julie and the 5th A Crew :) says:

    Dear Miss Lilian,

    “We miss you! Thank you for the advice!” Diego Martinez
    “We are looking forward on seeing you at the Coastal Clean Up!” Nenette Astorga
    “I’m not going to the Coastal Clean Up, but I hope my friends and you have fun!” David Busani
    ” I will try to find you at the Coastal Clean Up. In the meantime, I’ll play volleyball with some friends” Juan Luis Curiel
    “We will be so happy to see you soon!” Paris Cassandra
    “Hope you come to school and say Hi to the ones that don’t get to go to the Clean Up” Eduardo Leyva
    “Thank you for the information of our responsibilities. I’ll follow your advice!” Gabriel Garza
    ” I’m sad because I’m not going, but I hope to see you soon!” Melanie Zazueta

    “We love you!”
    5th A

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  5. -maria says:

    Thank you for reminding us how good it is to work in teams!
    6th A

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  6. Miss Ana Rochin says:

    Hello Miss Lilian, Thank you for the blog and interesting videos… we really enjoy them. We love you and miss you a lot. We promise to work as a team in school, with family, and friends.
    xoxo See you soon! 3A

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  7. Miss Alma says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for your words of advice on the value of the month: Teamwork! We are hoping to have many participants on Coastal Clean Up Day. Together we can do so much!
    Hope to see you soon! Miss Alma

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  8. Miss Gaby says:

    Hi Miss Lilian!! Thank you for being part of your students life by sharing ideas, advices, activities that will help our children to make a difference!! We love you!!

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  9. Anabel Astorga says:

    Gracias por sus palabras, definitivamente el trabajo en equipo entre padres y escuela hace una enorme diferencia en los niños.

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  10. Miss vanessa says:

    Thank you for your wonderful ideas for the kids to make a difference everyday…the other day I was eating a popsicle with Esteban and when we finish he told me: ” We did a really good teamwork eating the ice pop together”…looking forward to see you!

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  11. Addis says:

    Hi Miss Lilian:

    First of all we want to tell you that we miss and love you, we are very happy that we’ll see you soon.

    We really liked the video because it’s a great example of how we first have to recognize our own abilities to give our best and to be a good partner, so then we can have a great team.

    We are trying our best to be good partners and a great team as 4th.A with Miss Addis.

    Thank you for your great ideas and always thinking about us.

    With love Miss Addis and 4A.

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  12. Miss Miriam says:

    Hi Miss Lilian We thank you for all your videos that you had send us, they teach us new interesting things, we will have it in mind every day of our lives. 3rd B
    We love you !!! See you soon !!!

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  13. Miss Marcela says:

    “Thank you Miss Lilian , we love you very much, and we liked the story, and we are never going to forget this lesson, and we hope to see you at the Coastal Cleaning. ”

    Thank you Miss Lilian from all of us at First grade A.

    Hope to see you soon
    Miss Marcela

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  14. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Hello Miss Lilian!
    Thank you very much for sharing important information. The students and I really liked the video about the turtle and the rabbit, actually they were surprised of the different versions. We talked about each one, and I think they really got a sense of how important it is to work and do things together, to help each other.
    Here are 3 comments from some kids in 2A
    Learned that working in a team makes things faster and better. Siena Moreno
    Work everyday as a team to make things easier. Raquel Garcia
    Working alone we can do so little and together we can do so much. Carlos Camacho
    Hope to meet you soon, I’ve heard wonderful things about you.

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