on January 15, 2016

Hello my lovely and dearest students! You are now back at school and have the opportunity to continue in this wonderful adventure of learning.

You know, when I was a little girl, my mother always told me: “You can do anything, because everything is possible.”

This is something that I believe to be true because everything I have wished for has come true, not by magic, but because of perseverance, dedication, and the belief that I could do it. Nothing that is worth while is easy. However, when you attain your dream you find that all that hard work and pain and effort was  worth while.

Here is the story of a boy who believes in himself. I am sure you will find it to be very inspirational  and it will help you have another outlook on life. It will help you see how silly you are when you complain about the little things in life. I hope it makes you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Remember, I love you always and carry you in my heart.


36 responses to “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

  1. Miss Alma says:

    I loved it Miss Lilian. It is so inspiring! He seems like a very confident and bright young boy. We should all be grateful for all that we have. Thank you for sharing it. Regards. Miss Alma.

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  2. Miss Yulene says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian this was an inspiring video

    Camila Ochoa: It is true that if you want to do something you can really do it by working on it.

    Emilo Arellano: If you feel different around others, it doesn’t matter continue doing what you love.

    Camila Riedel: The video reminds me of when I was little, I thought that I couldn’t play soccer and now I tried and I am really good at it.

    Isela Curiel: If you believe in yourself I believe in myself.

    Darian Zazueta: Thank you for showing us the video, to learn that we can do whatever we want, we can do it!!

    Lelilani Atilano: Thank you Miss Lilian for showing us the video, I learn that if I work hard I can do anything.

    Carlos Badilla: This information makes me think that if I break an arm I can still do other things.

    Marco Torres: This video makes me learn more about you and how wonderful you are.

    Santiago Gil: Thank you for the video , nobody is different , it is very nice of you.

    Daniela Portillo: Thank you for showing us the video, so we can learn about people that don’t have legs and are motivated.

    So yes Miss Lilian, this video was very important to us because it makes us believe even more in ourselves and do everything with love.

    With love 2B and Miss Yulene


  3. Tere says:

    A very inspiring story. Martha Olachea says now she knows how grateful she is for everything she has. Ma. Ximena Del Monte says she always wanted more than she had, now she will think and be grateful for what she has.
    The children became more aware of the things they take for granted because they already have them, they say they will value things more now.
    Thank you for caring. The children send their love.
    4th B

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  4. Miss Anabel Astorga says:

    Gracias por tan bonito mensaje Miss Lilian! Hoy una maestra citó a Martin Luther King con una frase que me encantó:
    “Si no puedes volar, corre. Sino puedes correr, camina. Si no puedes caminar, gatea. Pero hagas lo que hagas, siempre sigue adelante.”
    Creo que de eso se trata, no importa las circunstancias, siempre encontrar la fuerza para movernos y seguir adelante.

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  5. willkay says:

    One of my favourite poems is “It Couldn’t Be Done” by Edgar Albert Guest (you can find it here: 6B will be performing the poem at their assembly.

    Thank you for the blog post, it is very much appreciated.

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  6. -maria says:

    Ana Paola Solorza says:
    Thank you for sharing this story with us, it is so inspirational!

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  7. Dulce Tánori says:

    Cuando estamos enfocados en nuestros sueños, se puede alcanzar la cima. Como usted lo dice es un proceso bastante complejo, pero si somos perseverantes, lo podremos lograr.
    Gracias por compartir el video, fue muy inspirador.

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  8. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian, we loved the video, it was inspiring and very emotional for us.
    Love Miss Patty and 2nd grade A

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  9. Tanya Porras says:

    Miss Lilian thank you so much for this inspirational video, we enjoyed it very much. My kids were amazed of how that little boy could be so optimistic, and have such a wonderful attitude.
    Thank you again for sharing.
    Miss Tanya and 1st grade B

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  10. Tanya Porraz says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for such an inspirational video, my kids and I liked it very much, and we commented on the importance of being greatfull for everything you have.
    Love Miss Tanya and 1st B

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  11. Miss Tanya says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for such a inspirational video. We were talking about how important it is to be grateful everyday. Love Miss Tanya and 1B.

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  12. Miss Tanya says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for such an inspirational video. We were talking about how important it is to grateful everyday. Love Miss Tanya and 1B

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  13. Miss Julie and the 5th A Crew :) says:

    Miss Lilian,
    Thank you for such an inspirational testimony of self-belief!
    This has been a very touching moment for the 5A and myself!
    We have been commenting on how are perspective should thrive to be able to see beyond our discomfort and troubles!
    Eduardo Leyva says we are all greatful for this lesson and we appreciate the fact that you always take the time to share life lessons like these!

    We send our love,
    Hope to hear from you again soon!


    • I am happy that this video made you think how fortunate we all are and how we complain about so many insignificant things. I am glad I am making a difference, this is precisely my objective. Love you all


  14. Miss Julie and the 5th A Crew :) says:

    oops.. I meant ‘grateful’


  15. Miss Melissa (Computer Class) says:

    Wonderful story, very inspirational video Miss Lilian. Another wonderful testament of hard work, motivation and pure will of the soul. It gives us another perspective of life and a willingness to obtain our goals.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Best Regards.


  16. Lourdes says:

    Hemos leído juntas “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”, disfrutamos y platicamos sobre este hermoso video, mi hija dice que el niño es muy feliz porque lo ve en su carita, y que juega todos los deportes sin pensar en su pierna, dice que es “Un niño Campeón”…!!!
    Gracias por compartir este gran ejemplo de vida.


  17. romaliart says:

    Me da gusto que los niños se sientan inspirados y los padres igual. Gracias por sus sentimientos.


  18. soraya says:

    Great video Miss Lilian!! My students almost cried. They said that it made them reflect and give thanks for what they have.. Hugs and kisses!!!

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  19. missnadia78 says:

    It’s so inspiring ,its a great video with a great lesson from a very courageous boy, we should all learn from him, and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives, thank you for sharing such an amazing story with us Miss Lilian 😊

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  20. Addis says:

    Miss Lilian: First of all sorry for not seeing the blog earlier but we didn’t have the smart board for two weeks or more.

    We were very moved to see how the boy struggles each day, but instead of complaining he is grateful for what he has and what he can accomplish. We promise that next time we want to complain about something we will close our eyes and think about this boy and get motivated to belief in ourselves and do our best.

    We love you and hope to see you soon.

    4A and Miss Addis

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