on April 4, 2016

I want to congratulate all the students who welcomed my Harry Potter challenge and urge the ones who did not to change their minds and take it on!

You see, when one takes on a challenge one exercises and develops: discipline, strength, determination, constancy, will-power, self-trust…and by achieving one’s goal one becomes enriched.

Do not be afraid. You can DO IT.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6.40.34 AM

Fly and discover your own magic powers


Perhaps you think the book has far too many pages. Well, you will have until mid-June to finish it. That is time enough to do so.

Besides trying to win a Magic Wand, if you take on the challenge you will have won all the qualities I mentioned above, and that is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL.

So, in order to make it fair I will be  separating you into three categories: A.B and C.

1st. and 2nd. grade students will be A category. 3rd. and 4th. grade students will be B category and 5th and 6th grade  students will be C category.

Each category will get a different questionnaire, and there will be one winner in each category.

So, I’ll just have to fly to Hogsmeade on my broom to buy another two Magic Wands!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.20.14 AM

Good Luck! and thank you again for being brave and adventurous, just like Harry Potter and his friends!


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.20.52 AM

Miss Lilian, already arrived at Hogsmead to buy two more Harry Potter’s Magic Wands!

Here is a challenge your whole family might try!


  1. Miss Yulene says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    Some we are so happy to hear from you and are very happy to see that you are going to divide them into 3 groups. Lets hope some of my students start thinking about joining the challenge.

    We also watch the video and this out our thoughts:

    Camila Riedel: I wish I could do that! Thank you for the video. The baby was the best gymnastic!

    Isela Curiel: Thanks for the video, it was so funny. The older girl won.

    Emilio Arellano: I like the video because it shows how we can do whatever if we want. The dad won!

    Camila Ochoa: I’m glad to see this video and it was very funny, the baby won!

    Marco Torres: Now I’m glad that my parents pay for my gymnastics classes and that I can practice.

    Gabriel Catellanos: The video was very very funny and the father won.

    Leilani Atilano: I wish I could do what they did on the video. The baby won.

    Darian Zazueta: Thank you the video was excellent and the baby won.

    Daniela Portillo: I wish I could do that and the baby won.

    Luis Humberto Ortiz: The video was so funny and super fun. The baby won.

    Fernanda Leyva : I wish I could do that and I want to be in gymnastics. The mom won.

    Santiago Gil: Thank you for sharing the video now I know that anything is possible. The dad won.


  2. willkay says:

    6B has still (still?) got five people up for the challenge!


  3. Addis says:

    Hi Miss Lilian:

    We still have 7 students in the challenge.

    We loved the family gymnastics challenge, for us the baby won hahaha

    Thank you for sharing, and take a photo on your broom 😉

    Love you !!

    Miss Addis and 4A

    PS Your Zollipop is still waiting for you !!!


  4. Tere says:

    Hope you had a safe trip “flying” back, it’s kind of windy down here. jajaja

    The children are excited, they can’t wait till June. They thought it would be sooner.

    I told them to practice this month’s value “Patience”. So they shall wait.

    The gymnastics family, AWESOME!

    See you soon.


  5. Ms. Julie & the 5th A Crew says:

    First of all, we enjoyed watching the video so much. The baby is beautiful and the girls are greatly skilled. Honestly, the 5th A is cheering for the parents!!

    We think that parents that are willing to bend and stretch and flip and turn for the love of their children’s skills is worth recognizing and admiring!

    We are still up to the challenge with 7 in the Harry Potter´s Club. The children will be bringing their books to get together and discuss what they have read after they have finished their classwork.

    This has become a trend in 5th grade. I even got a letter from Hogwarts for my birthday! And the best part is that I got a magic wand from Ollivander´s!!
    It´s a 5 1/2 in, Dragon heart strings!! I hope to use it after I have practised the spells in the Spell guide that comes with it!

    Thank you, Miss Lilian!!
    We hope to see you on June,

    Ms. Julie and the 5th grade crew

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  6. Ms. Julie & the 5th A Crew says:

    First of all, we enjoyed watching the video. The baby is beautiful and the girls are greatly skilled. But, honestly, the 5th A cheers for the parents, because any parent who´s willing to bend, and turn, and flip for the sake of their children is worth being recognised and admired.

    We are still up to the challenge. 7 of us will be bringing their books to discuss about what they have read after their classwork is done.

    The Harry Potter has become a trend in 5th grade. I even got a letter from Hogwarts for my birthday. And the best part is, there´s a magic wand in it!!

    Thank you!

    Miss Julie and the Crew

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  7. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Hi Miss Lilian, hope you are doing well, my students and I really enjoyed the video. they really liked the baby, they thought she was the funniest and cutest.
    Love 2A


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