on August 25, 2016

Hello students, welcome back to a new school year!  I hope you make 2016/2017 the best year of your life. It is our school’s 25th anniversary and I’m very excited.

It is always a pleasure to write this blog and to be able to teach  you things that will make your life more rewarding and rich.

This month’s value is POLITENESS.

Being polite should be your first goal, because  behaving well towards others will bring you much joy in life, remember that  “everything that goes around, comes around.”

By being polite towards others you express your true self. People are always pleased with someone who treats them well. And when you grow up and go out into the world to find a job, courtesy will always win!

Please have a classroom discussion about the following and learn as much as you possibly can, then be the greatest example to others, not only your classmates, and teachers, but to your own family and friends:

  1. How do you feel when others ignore you? Many times, as Principal and Founder of BAI, I have met students in the hallways or outside of school and instead of saying Hello to me, they ignore me. This makes me feel very sad, indeed.
  2. How do you feel if your standing in line and someone pushes you aside to take your place? Do you think they are treating you with respect?
  3. How do you feel  when you give something to others and they don’t even say “Thank You?”
  4. How do you feel when someone tells you to give them something without saying “Please?”
  5. How do you feel when someone “shoves you around,” or passes in front of you without saying: “Excuse me?”
  6. How do you feel when someone laughs at you, not WITH  you?
  7. How do you feel when someone screams at you instead of talking to you?
  8. How do you feel when someone calls you “names?”
  9. How do you feel when someone does not take your feelings into consideration?
  10. And finally, what can YOU do to receive RESPECT from others?

    School Rules by Cartoons



  1. Miss Yulene says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    We are happy to read your blog again! This is going to be an amazing year for us, we are going to celebrate together BAI 25th Anniversary and we are excited about it.

    Here are some comments that my students made when we were discussing why is being polite so important.

    Carlos Camacho: You have to respect others and always say please and thank you.

    Isela Curiel: I feel sad when some of the people that were my friends before didn’t treat me good with respect.

    Andrea Tellez: Always say please and thank you and respect others.

    Carlos Badilla: Thank you for showing us good manners.

    Emilio Arellano: Good manners are very important to us.

    Ximena Santana: You have to be a respectful person , so you can have more friends and they can also treat you with respect.

    Darian Zazueta: You need to be good with other , because if you are not good with others they will not treat you good.

    We hope to see you soon! Love you and miss you


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  2. Miss Julie's epic class :) says:

    Miss Lilian, Hi!
    What an interesting blog! To respect is everything because it’s the only way we can get respect back and feel happy.
    Emilie says: We’re happy to hear from you through your blog again!
    Kitzia says: We love you and respect you!
    We’re sorry if we ever made you feel bad by not saying hello or ignoring you when we passed by, but we promise to respect you and others. We want to make you feel as happy as we are.
    Miss Julie’s epic class 🙂

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  3. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Dear Miss Lilian,
    We are very happy to read and see the videos you so kindly send us, my kids have some comments to share.

    Marco Acosta: Thank you for sharing, I love it so much, I learned to be respectful.
    Ianna: Thank you Miss Lilian for the video, I liked it so much. The videos showed me how to respect everyone and you too.
    Valeria: Thank you, it was a very good example, I learned about respecting others.
    Paulo Iberry: I learned to avoid fighting and being respectful.

    Thank you very much Miss Lilian
    Love Miss patty and 2A students

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  4. Addis says:

    Hi Miss Lilian:

    We are very happy to read your blog again.

    “Treat people how you want to be treated”, as Daniel said and we agree, if we want respect we need to give respect too.

    Thank you for sharing, we loved the rap too.

    With love 4A and Miss Addis

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  5. Miss Ana says:

    3rd. A is very happy to hear from you Miss Lilian, my students liked the song, thank you for sharing , we send XOXO and we promise to be POLITE 🙂

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  6. willkay says:

    And punctuality!

    Respect other people’s time. Good manners means showing a respect for other’s time.

    Can you tell it is the beginning of the year and some of us are in s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n? Tee hee.


  7. Lourdes says:

    Yes, being polite is everything, no matter who you are or what you have.
    Gracias por querer tanto a nuestros hijos…!!!

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  8. Marcela says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian, it was a great way to start of the Value of the Month.
    Children are starting to say “Good Morning” or “Hello” to teachers that they see outside of their classroom. They seem very inspired to continue using “Good Manner Words” 🙂

    Everybody says “Hello”

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  9. Gaby says:

    Thank you for your blog, I agree with all of your words, specially with the idea that being polite is not only saying please and thank you, it is also being aware of and respect other people’s feeling.
    I send you a big hug!!!!

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  10. Tere says:

    Hi, we are so happy being back.
    We have been talking about this for the last couple of weeks. These 2 little words embrace so much. I believe the children didn’t really understood the importance a few nice words or a big smile could make. Now they are aware and we are practicing them all day long.
    Hope you can tell the difference when you come back, we have every morning when we open doors we hear “good morning” and “thank you”
    The children send their love.

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  11. Miss Anabel Astorga says:

    Muchas gracias Miss Lilian. El respeto como la raíz de todos los valores!

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  12. Miss Miriam says:

    Hi Miss Lilian we are all happy to be back ! Thank you for writing this blog for us , we will try to be more polite all the time. My students are really working hard on their manners. 2nd B

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  13. soraya says:

    Hi Miss Lilian. Always excited and happy to see your blogs. Hugs and kisses. 5B

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