YOU Decide

on May 29, 2017

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

What to do?

YOU have to decide if you are to be a good person, a kind person, an empathetic person, or if you are going to be a bad one.

What would you rather be? A bully or a child who is bullied?

Neither are good things. Neither will make you happy. Both will have sad consequences.

But, what exactly IS a bully?

A bully is someone who REPEATEDLY  does or says something to make you feel very bad, very sad, very angry, or hurts you in a physical way, on purpose.

Occasional disagreements with classmates or friends are a normal part of childhood, even fights are normal. But there is a big difference with  this and bullying someone.

Bullying someone leaves a deep scar in the person’s heart. Calling someone a bully when he is not can also leave a deep scar.

Words are very powerful, sometimes even more powerful than weapons. Words ARE weapons when used to hurt someone. But words can also be uplifting and make you feel wonderful. It all depends on what words you use and how you use them.

When I was sixteen years old and in my first year of college, I used to go to cafeteria for lunch. There were two girls there who used to laugh at me the moment they saw me. I chose to ignore them. I didn’t even look at them. They pointed me out to other students and laughed. Well, after five or six times they just got tired of doing it and stopped, because they didn’t get the reaction from me that they were looking for.

After ten years I met one of them at a party and she told me this: “Lilian, do you remember how Myrna and I used to laugh at you? Well, I want to apologize and tell you that I admire you so much for ignoring us. We were just jealous of you, that is why we did it. I admire the fact that you walked by without paying the least  attention to us. ”

When someone tries to hurt you in any way decide if you want to  to stay or to leave, and just DO IT. Don’t give power to the other person to make you feel less, never!

One thing that is very important and that you should think seriously about is to NEVER say someone is a bully when he is not. If you do, YOU can become the bully yourself!

Lying is never the right thing to do. Always be honest. Truth will triumph above all else in every situation, not only when you’re a child, but all through your life.





11 responses to “YOU Decide

  1. miriamsosa12 says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Miss LIlian, here’s a video I watched recently which reminded me of deciding not to take the “garbage” from other people. I really liked this post.

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  2. willkay says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian.

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  3. Miss Yulene 3B says:

    Dear Miss Lilian, we just finished reading and watching your blog here are some words from the 3rd graders:

    Carlos Badillla: I liked the videos , and it helps me, to never become a bully.

    Pamela Torres: I learned that bulling is a bad thing to do.

    Emilio Arellano: Being a bully is not good, because you are making fun of other people.

    Darian Zazueta: If you are a bully, you will never feel good because you treat other wrong.

    Carlos Camacho: If you are a bully , you will not have friends.

    Ximena Santana: Being a bully is not a good decision.

    Manuel Gonzalez: If you are a bully, you should think about how people are feeling, and if you would like to feel that too.

    Thank you Miss Lilian, we really enjoyed watching the videos, it helps us understand how sometime people become bullies because that’s what they are used to at home or other places were they get their education,

    We agree that it is all about the right decision!!!!

    We love you and miss you very much! 3B

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  4. -maria says:

    Thank you miss Lilian! Lots to think about!

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  5. Miss Julie & The 5th A says:

    Hello, Ms. Lilian,
    How to deal with bullying, and learning to define it in the first place are definitely worth learning.
    We will continue to comment in class to reinforce our students. Thank you for taking the time to build our character and support us in so many ways.

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  6. Miss Tere says:

    Hi Miss Lillian, we are happy to hear from you. Our computer works!

    It was interesting to see the children’s reactions to your blog and videos. To them everything is bullying and I think that now, they have a different perspective on it.

    Thanks for sharing. I believe the children will be able to see the difference now.

    It is very hard for them accept when they are wrong and even more to say “I’m sorry” and mean it. They really liked the video of the “Meanest girl in 2nd Grade”

    See you soon.

    4th B sends their love.

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  7. michelletrejo says:

    Hello, Miss Lilian.

    Perfect timing, as always. Your blog is just what we needed in 4A. Thank you.

    Hope to see you soon.

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