on June 16, 2017

When we appreciate everything in our lives we are happier, because we are aware and value everything in a deeper level. We do not take things for granted.

Example: Have you ever thought  of and appreciated how many people it took for you to eat your  apple?

Let’s see. First, the people or person who bought the land where the apple trees were planted; second, the person who actually planted the tree; third, the person who harvested the apples when they were ready; fourth, the person who put the apples in a box to be taken to the store; firth, the driver of the truck who took the apples to the store; sixth, the person who took the apples out of the box and put them on the shelves in the store; your mom (or dad),  actually bought the apple at the store, so she was  the seventh person involved; the eight person was the cashier, who took sold the apple; ninth, the person who put the apple in a bag.

So at least nine persons were involved and responsible for you eating the apple at recess.

Appreciation is when you are mindful and understand  a situation, and this makes you enjoy it even more.

The apple’s example holds true for everything in your life: clothes, shoes, toys, books, school, etc.

Think of all the people needed to make a shirt, to make a pair of shoes, to make a book….so many!

Appreciation makes us grateful, because we realize that we have so many things that other people don’t have, and that we take for granted most of the time.

How many things do you appreciate? At home? At school? Have you taken the time to appreciate the trees that are planted in the school grounds?

Here at school there are so many people to appreciate, for instance, Sra. Eva, Sra. Silvia, Sra. Marychuy, Sra. Oliva, who clean your classrooms so you may feel comfortable in them, who clean the restrooms, sweep and mop the floors, among so many other things they do all day; Sr. Francisco and Sr. Carlos, who work to keep your school functioning, fixing things, painting walls and furniture; Don José, who is outside taking care all cars follow rules and takes care of your safety; all Administrative personnel who file documents, answer calls, give information, help the teachers; all the teachers who work at school and at home preparing their classes, grading papers, organizing your activities, making the decorations for our events; the Elementary School Principal (Miss Alma), who supervises  and helps all teachers with their work, who has meetings with your parents, that works on our school program, who organizes events; the Kindergarten Teacher Coordinator (Miss Vanessa), who organizes all kindergarten teachers, helps them, has meetings with parents, helps organize events and make decorations; the school Psychologist (Miss Anabel), who has meeting with teachers and parents, talks to you when you’re feeling sad; the Graphic Designer (Miss Mariana), who prints all books published by our school, prints and designs invitations and banners;  the Manager (Miss Adriana), who together with Miss Luly takes care of finances and directs money to the different departments, make purchases like computers, smart boards, TVs, equipment for your PE classes; and the General Principal (Miss Gaby) who is responsible for all personnel working together in solidarity, overseeing that all programs are followed correctly, who has meetings with parents and teachers, and who is in constant communication with Miss Mónica who acts as CEO of our school and also with me (besides being the founder of British American Institute, I act as Counselor to all, and that means giving advice to all).

Were you aware of the work all the people who work at BAI do? Now you can appreciate each person’s contribution to your education and well-being even more.




17 responses to “I APPRECIATE LIFE

  1. soraya says:

    We appreciate everything BAI does for us Miss Lilian! Hope to see you soon! We miss you! With love, 5th B.

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  2. michelletrejo says:

    This blog made the students stop and take a moment to think about the work everyone has to do for them to enjoy their school. Thank you for making them aware of all the people we should appreciate here at BAI. We miss you.

    4A sends their love.

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  3. Miss Miriam says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for sharing this information for with our kids some of them weren’t aware of the different jobs each person has, and how important they are to all of us. We appreciate them deeply! Hope to see you soon!
    Love, 2nd A and 2nd B

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  4. Gaby says:

    Hi Miss Lilian it is very important to be very thankful for what we have every day! specially our family and friends.
    We love you !!! See you very soon!!!! 🙂

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  5. willkay says:

    We appreciate your blog and your advice.

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  6. Miss Julie & The 5th A says:

    Thank you for the reminder, Ms. Lilian!
    We need to appreciate everybody and everything around us. The BAI family is so hard working and we appreciate everything it does to us!
    The 5th A promises to never take things for granted (Emilie Loke), and we want to thank you for telling us everything we can be grateful for in our school! (Herman Villegas)

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  7. Miss Tere says:

    Hello, great reminder. The things we don’t see are the ones we really don’t appreciate but without them so many things could not be possible
    The students reflected on this fact and will try to appreciated things better.
    See you soon!

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  8. Miss Yulene and 3B says:

    Hi Miss Lilian, we really liked your reminder, and we would also like to add that we appreciate you taking the time to write to us , and teach us life lessons that are very important. We love you and we hope to see you very soon.


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  9. Adriana Castro says:

    Miss Lilian muchas gracias por sus consejos, apreciamos mucho la oportunidad de ser parte de esta maravillosa institución. La queremos y extrañamos!!! Con cariño Miss Luly y Miss Adriana

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  10. Rebeca González says:

    Muchas gracias por compartir, estoy completamente de acuerdo! . Gracias por apreciar nuestro trabajo y nuestro tiempo!.. buen fin de semana!!…

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  11. Marcela says:

    Ana Paulina: I learned that everyone cleans everything and that is very hard but they do it as a team.
    Mateo: I appreciate all the cleaning ladies and men.
    Fernanda: Thank you for cleaning are classrooms.
    Rebeca: Thank you Miss Lilian for showing us how important it is to appreciate little things.
    Camila: We are glad that when we come to school everything is ready and just for all those little things everyone does, the school is perfect.
    Paulina : I learn a lot without you showing us all this we would not think the work that everyone does to give us all the little things in our life.

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