on March 1, 2019

The two previous blogs I’ve written for you have been on the subject of love, because for me, love is the only feeling capable of giving meaning to life; and also, because it is the value of the month and lastly, because I love you.

It is not enough to love. We must express  our love to others and we can do it in many ways. What would be the point of loving someone if we did not express our love to them by telling them or showing them?

A few weeks ago I received this card from a former student, Christian Mattei, who is currently studying High School in San Diego. He came to visit our school and left this lovely card for me. I am very grateful to him for expressing his love. Many of you have written beautiful cards and letters throughout the years, telling me of your love for me and for this wonderful school and its teachers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.15.32 PM

Miss Alma very kindly  sent me this video:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.24.24 PM.png

Although I cannot play it, it is when all of you sang to me Happy Birthday! And I thank you for doing so. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to play it, I need to learn more about computing. Prof. René must help me out!

Above you can see photos of people and places I love and who love me, and of students who love their pets and took them to school just the other day, to Miss Yulene’s class.

You can see a photo of many of you going to San Diego to the Civic Theater to enjoy the performance of Alladin, and this was made possible because it was my way to saying: I love you! Some of you went to see Wicked, which was also my way of showing my love.

Then you see a photo of four little dogs. The first two, from left to right are mine: Kitty is the Pomeranian and Bunny is the Yorkie; then you can see Miss Monica’s dogs: Kobe and Bingo, both Malte-poo. We adore them! And they adore us!

There is a photo of a former student, Orlando Vera and I, in Berlin, Germany. You see, even after many years we still keep in touch and I visited him a few years back when he was studying his Master’s Degree in Berlin. He was kind enough to be my guide in the city.

Two years ago we organized a reunion of former students at our school. About 200 showed up and had a wonderful time seeing their classmates and teachers. We love them all! Just as we love you and hope one day you will come back, after graduating from the university and we can have another party for you.

Then there is a photo of one of my sculptures. I love to create art. This is the head of a stag and I have it hanging over my fireplace at home. It is made of seashells, pearls, cord, and jewelry.

And lastly, you can see me sitting in front of my favorite place on Earth: the ocean! I absolutely love the ocean and its creatures.

So you see, there are many people, things, animals, places we can love. And there are many ways of loving one another.

Love is a language any person in the world can understand, even animals understand the language of love.




18 responses to “HOW TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER

  1. Miss Yulene 2A says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    We loved all the pictures you posted! The 2nd graders were excited to see some of their classmates there. We had a lot of fun with the pets and we learned many new things we did not know about them.

    We talked about now only to love people, but how to love animals, plants, and our planet. We agree with you that there are many ways to express our love. So we want you to know that we appreciate your blog and we love you too!

    We send you lots of love !!

    2A and Miss Yulene


  2. Tere Rochin says:

    Dear Miss Lillian:

    Good morning, we hope you are enjoying the snow. We hear that it is very cold in Denver.

    We really enjoyed your blog, the children were surprised to see that students from the past still stay in touch and they promise they will do the same. I explained the strong bond that love creates and they should let love flow everywhere they go.

    The picture of your pets was their favorite, they spoke about how much they love their own pets and how they are part of their families.

    Thank you for staying in touch with us. Hope to see you soon.

    Miss Tere’s 3rd Grade class.


  3. Rebeca Gonzalez says:

    Hablando de amor, la musica es una forma muy sublime de expresar el amor,muchas gracias miss Lilian por compatir, reciba un abrazo y bendiciones siempre!!..


  4. Sarah Carpio says:

    Miss Lilian,
    We didn’t want this value of the month to end, so we’ll make shure we keep on practicing love in all of its forms. We agree, love is the most wonderful thing anyone can feel and give. Thank you for telling us what love is to you, for sharing the people, things and places you love.
    4th.B would like to share with you a few things they love, they say: “We love our families, our school, our teacher, our pets, our friends, and of course, we love you very, very much!”
    With love and respect,
    Miss Sara and 4B


  5. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for sharing, my kids were excited to see the pictures you sent, especially the ones of the students that came back for their reunion, they also fell in love with the animals they saw, and were moved by how cute and cuddly they are, they are aware of what love is and how to give love to others.
    As always we are so grateful for your messages, videos and pictures you kindly share.
    Love 2B


  6. willkay says:

    Thanks for the post. 6A are all looking forward to coming back to school, in 20 years time, just to find out if I remember them! Ha! As if I’d still be here in 20 years…..

    (I mean teaching at the school! Obviously I’ll still be around…..somewhere….at a traffic light, selling lollipops!) Maybe.


  7. -maria says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!!!


  8. Veronica Espinoza says:

    Beautiful Pictures Miss Lilian, Love is in the air🙌💕, I like your sculpture the head of a stag, and also the one you’re sitting looking at the ocean, but most likely your lovely dogs their awesome💖.
    I send you a Big hug!😘
    Miss Vero


  9. Miss Julie and the 4th A says:

    Beautiful blog, Ms. Lilian!

    We just had a chance to read this, but we enjoyed it as much as always.

    After reading your message we continued to comment about the special people and things the kids love the most and it’s fascinating to hear them talk about what their hearts cherish.
    Our kids are so loving and most sensitive to love itself. Thank you for your constant proofs of love. They are always welcomed to build up our lives.

    Thank you!


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