on January 27, 2020

This past January 20th was a super special day for me, because of the love you all expressed through words, song, and music.

I felt humbled and honored to receive such expressions of love and to inspire you to become better human beings!

I would like to thank you again, students and teachers, for your love and kindness. I was specially amazed at the 1st graders who donated $140.23 to help the animals in Australia! I am sure we are making a difference and would like you to know I donated another $148. 27 , so the total amount donated came to $288.40 and I am including the receipt so you can be sure YOUR effort is really helping these little creatures who suffered so much with the fires in Australia.

Some of my administrative personnel also gave me money to donate on their behalf and together with an amount I put in, I was able to donate $200.00 Dlls to help the animals too.

I am very please, to say the least, with the incredible supportΒ  from all of you and the sales you have been having in order to help our brothers and sisters and animals of Australia. This is what being compassionate and empathetic really is!

I congratulate all of you and know that you make me extremely proud!

19 responses to “THANK YOU ALL!

  1. Miss Yulene 3A says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    We are all grateful to be a part of these amazing movement to help animals in Australia. We thank you and we admire the effort you make to always help.

    Alexa Zarate: I think it is very cute that Miss Lilian wants to help animals.

    We love you and are glad you liked your birthday wishes and surprises!

    Hope to see you very soon!!

    With love 3A and Miss Yulene


  2. missmichelleBAI says:

    Dear Miss Lilian,
    My students and I are so thankful we got to celebrate you on your birthday. It was a joy for us too to see you so happy.

    Thank you for caring so much about so many things and for waking in us all that same desire to help those less fortunate.

    You are an inspiration to all of us.

    All our love,
    4th A


  3. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Dear Miss Lilian, We are so happy you loved it so much,know that we did it will all our love to you.

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful images of people helping Koalas and Kangaroo’s, such a moving gesture.

    Hope to see you soon!
    Love 2A


  4. Sarah Carpio says:

    Miss Lilian we are so glad you enjoyed your Birthday celebration!. We also want to thank you for encouraging us to make a difference, being able to support as we have the sales at school, it has been really fun. We hope our support helps many people and animals in Australia.

    Have a great week! ❀

    Miss Sara and 5B


  5. -maria says:

    We were proud to be able to help with something.


  6. will kay says:

    It was a brilliant idea to do the sales. We all had great fun preparing and selling PLUS we were helping others! Thank you!!!!!!


  7. Miss Tonni says:

    Miss Lilian i am glad you had a great time on your celebration, you deserve the best in life!!!!!

    Thank you for encouraging me and others to be better persons and to help the less fortunate, sending love and hope to see you soon.


  8. Miss Penelope says:

    Dear Miss Lilian,

    We were more than welcome to prepare everything for your birthday. We were super excited about the fundraising because we really wanted to help Australia. We are so glad people are helping animals in this country. Your information inspires us to save more animals! We loved the pictures.

    With lots of love,
    Miss Penelope and 3rd B


  9. MIss Marcela Vargas says:

    Miss Lilian
    The 1st graders are full of happiness because of what they achieved together, they know it was a group effort.
    And they want to continue helping any way they can.
    They know now, that they can make a difference.
    There dreams are getting bigger, thanks to you and your strong efforts on making everybody around you aware of the needs of the world.

    1st graders and Miss Marcela.


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