Be Brave Enough to Do What is Right

on March 3, 2020

Hello everyone!

I have been talking to you about loving yourself enough,   for your own benefit and that of others. But sometimes loving ourselves requires a lot of courage.

This is a quality that one must develop in order to succeed in life, to attain our goals, to do our best, even at the face of adversity. Sometimes life presents us with difficult challenges and we must have courage to face them.

I think this subject requires that all of you discuss it with your teacher and talk about it with your parents and friends.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 12.44.29 PM

I really hope you follow these lessons ideas, because there will be  many times in your lives  when you will need to be a courageous person, and your bravery might even save lives!


18 responses to “Be Brave Enough to Do What is Right

  1. Miss Anabel says:

    Wonderful courage ideas to discuss in class!


  2. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Dear Miss Lilian, we were so moved by the videos of people showing courage, especially that boy who helped his friend, and shaved his hair, so his friend would no feel like he was the only one with no hair.
    Thank you so much for sharing this, it really helps my kids feel emphatic towards others.
    Love you 2A


  3. Tere Rochin says:

    Dear Miss Lillian;
    All I can tell you is that it brought tears to our eyes.
    Thank you!
    Miss Tere’s 4th Grade class.


  4. Miss Yulene 3A says:

    Dear Miss Lilian:

    Alexa Zarate: I loved the video! It was very cute, because the last part of the video talked about friendship and wanted to make his friend feel better , and i loved it.

    Juan Luis Martinez: Thank you for the video, you show us that we need to be courageous, and how children can help and be heroes and be happy.

    We loved the video, we were amazed to see so many young heroes, and how courageous they can be. we talked about what you mean by having courage, and we will work on those lesson ideas!

    Thank you !
    We love you and miss you!!

    P.S. How is Miss Monica doing!? We also send her our love.


  5. Penelope Mancilla says:

    Dear Miss Lilian,

    My students think we should always be helpful with everyone and respectful, without asking anything back. We loved the video! The kids are so motivated by this little heroes, this means to them that kids can help too, not only adults. Thank you very much for always sharing great ideas and videos. They now define courage as not having fear of what’s the right thing to do.

    A big hug to you Miss!

    Miss Penelope and 3rd B


  6. missmichelleBAI says:

    Dear Miss Lilian,

    My students loved the courage ideas and we will work on some of them in the classroom. They were also moved by the stories of courage in the video.

    Thank you for sharing with us and for making our students more sensitive and aware of the needs of others.

    We send our love.

    4th. A


  7. Sarah Carpio says:

    Miss Lilian,

    My students were very inspired by the stories of bravery. In our class we will start with a “Courage Wall” to inspire each other to be brave.

    Have a wonderful day!
    We love you,


  8. willkay says:

    “Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.”

    We have discussed what is the right/wrong thing. And have discussed the idea: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing. Sometimes it is hard to stand up when our classmates are doing the wrong thing. It takes a brave student to stop another student from doing the wrong thing. Fortunately, there is a strong support system in BAI that the students can fall back on.

    Thanks Miss Lilian for another thought provoking blog post.


  9. soraya says:

    We were very inspired with the videos Miss Lilian!! They were in shock to know all the brave things people can do in order to save somebody they love. Very inspiring ! Thanks for sharing it. With love, 5A


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