Happy Children’s Day!

on April 30, 2020

Childhood is so wonderful! Specially if you have a family who loves you, teachers who love you, friends who love you, siblings who love you…and it ends very quickly!

So enjoy the time you have now! Be creative, be silly, be adventurous, be curious; laugh, say jokes, jump up and down, have crazy hair…and if you are lucky you will continue to do these things even when you grow up.

It was 28 years ago, in March, that BAI was founded, and I still remember my students and many of them keep in touch with me, and now have children of their own.

This has been an extraordinary experience and what makes it so is YOUR LOVE!

And here are two photos of the founders of your school when they were children!

One response to “Happy Children’s Day!

  1. Miss Julie González says:

    What a wonderful journey this has been, Miss Lilian!
    I also wish a Happy Children’s Day to everybody knowing that adults are just “outdated children” hoping to be loved, appreciated, and happy!
    I send you my love and appreciation!


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