on June 4, 2020

Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? What color is your hair? Your eyes? Your skin?

Everyone in the world is different from everybody else. We have so many things that make us individuals, and this is called being diverse, being different.

Can you imagine if everyone in the world looked the same? It would be soooo boring, wouldn’t it?

Yet there are some people who discriminate others because they are different,  because they have different color skin or hair or eyes or  because of the way they talk or dress.

This is not only very sad but it creates problems, because the people who are being discriminated against  feel like they don’t belong, and there are many times when they are bullied just because they are different.

One should always make an effort to make others feel good, happy and included, no matter what color their skin is, or where they come from. One beautiful thing about our world is that there are so many countries and people in each country have different  languages, traditions, customs, clothing, food, music, art and all this enriches us as human beings.

So let’s celebrate diversity! Let’s make someone from another country feel welcome in ours. Let’s accept ourselves as we are and know that each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own way!



British American Institute has been extremely fortunate to have had students from other countries and cultures enrolled, and  it still does!

Many years ago we had 6 children from India. Their fathers worked at an assembly plant here because they were engineers and they wanted their children to speak English so when they returned to their country they would be able to continue their studies  over there with no problem. You see, English is the official language in India.

We had two brothers who were from Japan for one school year. We had a brother and sister whose father was from Haiti and their mother from Romania; we had a girl from Ecuador and two sisters from Korea; we have a 3rd grade kindergarten student whose father is  from India, two brothers whose father is English, a girl from Peru and we’ve also had some American children enrolled.

It is both an honor and a privilege to have children from other countries as our students and you should take advantage and be friends with them to learn about their cultures and customs.

Varun hariharan is one of the Indian students enrolled many years ago here at BAI and I still communicate with him. We send each other emails and as soon as the pandemic is over we will meet, because he lives about an hour away from where I live.

I think it is very exciting to meet people from other countries! Here at school we have our own foreigner who is almost a mexican: Mr. Kay! And we are so happy that he is a member of our family!

Each one of us has special talents and what we are and how we behave toward others makes us unique, and this is beautiful! To have a whole planet filled with different human beings makes our earth extraordinary! Be proud of who you are!




  1. Miss Julie González says:

    Hello, Miss Lilian!! Sometimes we need to take a step back and examine the presence of diversity in our own lives, so thank you for being a mentor and for reminding us of the values that make this world a better place!


  2. willkay says:

    Mr Kay is also happy to be a member of your family!!


  3. -maria says:

    We love the openness of the school and these recent events have given everyone an opportunity to discuss race issues and our thoughts. Thank you!


  4. Thank you so much for talking about this and giving us the opportunity to talk to our students about the things that are on their minds right now. It is a privilege to be able to teach kindness and tolerance to our students. Thank you for the opportunity!


  5. MissPenelope says:

    Celebrating diversity is a phrase that’s so important nowadays! Being part of a school that teaches these values that are going to stay through the lives of our students, makes me extremely happy and proud! Thank you for this strong message, Miss Lilian ❤!


  6. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Good morning Miss Lilian.
    Thank you for sharing and reminding us of the importance of respect. We are living in hard times, it’s so sad to see discrimination still. We as humans must go back to the basics of our values, one of them being to love and respect each other no matter where you are from.
    One of the things I love about the British American Institute is that it’s always so open and welcoming to all walks of life.

    Best regards, Miss Patty.


  7. Julie gonzalez says:

    I love it! Thank you for continuing to teach about the gifts of inclusion that embrace our differences. We’re transforming the way we think,the way we live and the ways we practice respect.


  8. Miss Marcela says:

    1B: Miss Lilian
    Nico says that is not important that children can be from another country.
    Fher: It does not matters the color of the skin, of our eyes or hands.
    Sebastian: It does not matter that we are different from others.
    Bella: It does not matter that we are different when we prefer other colors that we like.
    Emanuel: It’s good to be different from others because it is a way we can know each other.
    Liesel: It’s good to be different because we are on the same planet.

    Miss Lilian thank you for taking the time to share this with us.


  9. Miss Patty says:

    Hello Miss Lilian, hope you are doing well, thank you for sharing this wonderful information and videos with us and our kids, it is so important to remind them about diversity and to take the opportunity to get to know others and learn from them.
    We hope to see you soon!
    Love 3B


  10. Miss Karla says:

    Miss Lilian thank you for sharing this important message with us.
    “Diversity is about all of us and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.”


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