Reach for the Stars!

on June 16, 2020

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This young man is Germán Padilla Choy, a former student who just graduated from University of Southern California Los Angeles with a Master’s Degree in AEROSPACE ENGINEERING. After graduating from High School German  earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the  Polytechnic Institute (RPI)  in Troy, New York.

German, at 24 years of age, has been hired by NASA to work in their Houston Space Center to work in their ARTEMIS PROGRAM. This is an  extraordinary achievement for any young man, but specially for a Mexican young man!

The Artemis Program is  a  government funded  spaceflight program that has the goal of landing   “the first woman and the next man” on the Moon, specifically at the by 2024.”

Imagine that! Our own Germán Padilla landing a spaceship on the moon! This is what happens when you reach for the stars. When you have a dream and work hard to  achieve it, when you persevere and are a disciplined person, anything you dream of can be obtained. So when someone tells you to “reach for the stars” you could actually do it.

I posted a video filmed by German on Lovemystudents’ page in FCB,  also in British American Institute’s page in FCB and I would like you to watch it,  German filmed it specially for you. Because of technical difficulties I could not upload it here, but you can go to either of those pages and watch it there. I highly recommend that you do.

Germán’s family moved to San Diego when he was about to enter 5tgh grade, so he could not graduate from BAI. However, he stayed in contact with some of his classmates and even attended our Alumni Reunion three years ago.

I held a chat with Germán a few days ago and he wrote…”I  have fond memories of having fun and learning lots and really liking all of my teachers and friends at British American Institute. I was very sad when we moved to San Diego for that reason. I think going to British was a great experience because I made friends that I still hangout with today and of course learned English from a very young age which definitely contributed to my success in getting into a good high school, great college for undergrad and also great graduate school and of course eventually my job.”

We are extremely proud of German and wish him further success in his space adventures and hope he keeps in touch with us so he can keep us posted.

German will be a PROPULSION SYSTEMS FLIGHT CONTROLLER, that means he will be directing the spaceship to its target, the moon.  Obviously this is a very complicated matter, one that requires extreme precision and knowledge. We are in awe of German’s talents and will be keeping an eye on him when the Artemis Program is launched.




18 responses to “Reach for the Stars!

  1. Camila Velazquez says:

    Hi Miss Lilian loved the videos love you!


  2. Miss Julie González says:

    While education,English, and technology may combine to provide our students with the tools to explore, experiment and find a promising future, they will also take all the love and care you constantly imprint in their minds and hearts. Thank you, Miss Lilian!


  3. soraya says:

    Hi Miss Lilian! I am very proud of German’s achievements . It seems like yesterday, when he was in 4th grade with me. I still remember his beautiful smile. How time flies. 😉


  4. Pamela Torres says:

    Miss Lilian, it was such a great story, thankyou for sharing it with us ! I will miss you.


  5. MissPenelope says:

    Miss Lilian,

    Everyone was really inspired by German’s achievements. They were so surprised and excited to know that a former student of BAI works for NASA! Thank you so much for sharing his story.

    Lots of love,

    Mis Penelope and 3rd B


  6. Fabiola Garin says:

    That is amazing!!! Dreams actually come true!!! 🙂


  7. Sarah Carpio says:

    Miss Lilian,

    My students are very inspired by this story! One of my students decided he wants to work at NASA, just like German after reading this blog and watching the videos.

    This is such a valuable lesson to never give up, dream big, and set goals until you see your dreams come true.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    We love you and miss you…

    Miss Sara and 5B students


  8. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Hello Miss Lilian; we loved the videos you so kindly shared with us.
    We are so inspired and motivated to continue our studies and always reach for the stars.

    We love you


  9. missmichelleBAI says:

    Miss Lilian,
    Thank you for sharing German´s experience with us. The children and I were really moved and inspired.

    We miss you.
    4th A


  10. Miriam says:

    Hi Miss Lilian,
    What a wonderful story, we loved it !! They were excited to read that his dream came true.
    Never give up!
    We love you and miss you !!
    Miss Miriam, 2nd “B”


  11. Tere Rochin says:

    Miss Lillian:
    I am so sorry, I never pressed the “intro button”, this is why this is reaching you so late.

    The children really enjoyed your log, they loved the title “Reach for the Stars” I always encourage them to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.
    We have a couple of astronauts in the making in 4th B, I hope God and life permit me seeing their dreams come true.

    The children send their love and hope to see you soon.

    Miss Tere and 4th B


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