on August 30, 2020


So we are here, at the beginning of a new, very exciting  and very different school year. We are going to be learning digitally, not in our classrooms, like we used to, but at home! We are going to take advantage of the technology we currently have available, and learn and communicate through this small screen we call a computer.

I know many of you would just love to go back to school,  be with your classmates, your teachers,  and be playing together in the patio….so would I. I miss you greatly! But for some time we will have to take care and be safe.

Here are some videos that will help you understand this situation we are living. It is so important for all  of us to be conscious of what is happening and to be ready to help each other, so  we can stay healthy and return to our former activities as soon as possible.



Know that is is alright to feel scared, strange, sad… this is why it is of the utmost importance to speak your mind with your parents and teachers.


Let us be positive and have a great attitude, being happy will make time go by quicker and will make our lives a lot more fun!



8 responses to “WELCOME BACK, BE SAFE!

  1. Miss Julie González says:

    What a great and enthusiastic way of starting off with this school year! Thank you for all the love you share with us, Miss Lilián! We’re serving daily to make sure everyone enjoys this new school year!


  2. Dulce Tánori says:

    Iniciamos un año que solo en la ficción creíamos que pasaría, pero como usted dice, apoyándonos en todo momento y cuidando nuestra salud, pronto estaremos juntos.
    Será un año diferente pero exitoso como todos. La saludo con el cariño de siempre.


  3. Soraya says:

    We loved the videos!! Thank you for the information! We miss you!!4A


  4. Patty Boccaccio says:

    Dear Miss Lilian, We loved the videos you sent us, especially the kids, they really got engaged and understood perfectly.
    Thank you so much!


  5. Miriam says:

    Hi, Miss Lilian, We are happy and excited to watch your videos.
    We talk about how important it is to wash our hands, and also we talk about how to practice
    self-care when we are not in our meet.
    Thank you for your videos, we love you Miss Lilian 3rd “A”


  6. Soraya says:

    Hi Miss Lilian, we were happy and excited to watch the videos. We also think that laughter is very essential in our lives.
    Thank you for always thinking about us:
    Miss Soraya +4a


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