on June 21, 2021

Yes, this school year was definitely a strange one. Only online classes, staying home for hours on end. No friends, no teachers, no in school adventures.

Sorry. I am REALLY, REALLY SORRY. I wish I could have had a magic wand to turn everything around, but, then you wouldn’t have learned the lesson.

What lesson?

That life is unpredictable, that it presents us with unknown challenges when we least expect it and either we adapt or are left behind. That we should value our “normal” lives much more than we did. That health is number one! That we do need friends and time together. That our parents can be fun! And that everything changes, but also, that time is fleeting.

All you graduates are going on to new adventures, new schools, new friends, new teachers, new experiences. This is an exciting time in your lives, for you are growing up and life holds unsuspected experiences.

Remember what I emphasized during your time at BAI: be respectful, polite, honest, and compassionate. Be the best you can be. Try hard. Do not give up. Do what you like most and choose carefully when the time comes to go to the university. Always choose a profession that you absolutely love, that way when you do have to work it will seem like you are having fun.

Help others when you can.

Be grateful.

Love yourself and then love the rest of the world.

You will always have a special place in my heart and memory. And yes, do come back to see us!

To the ones that are continuing their education at BAI, I am so looking forward to hugging you once again!

To the ones I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing well, I am the crazy principal who used to dye her hair purple and orange and pink. Who dressed as a chicken to entertain my students. Who loves Halloween and Christmas and musical productions!

If life is kind to us, as I hope it will be, we will have the opportunity of presenting A VOYAGE THROUGH TIME, in the not to distant future. I am sad the 6th graders will not be able to participate, but maybe they can come and watch the presentation?

I miss you. I MISS YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! Really! I can’t wait for you to be at school again, to see the teachers, the administrative personnel; to listen to your laughter and all the commotion that goes along our everyday business.

Life at British American Institute is FUN! We do live our motto: To Teach Through Happiness!

Are you happy you are with us?

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved”

Victor Hugo

And something funny:

LUCY thanks you for your generosity! She is all grown up and has graduated from the sanctuary, now lives in the jungle with her friends!


  1. Thank you, Miss Lilian, for your beautiful words. Thank you too for your support during the strangest school year ever! We miss you too and hope to see you soon!!!


  2. Mateoo Gastelum 5B says:

    We miss you Miss Lilian, thank you for writting these words, all of us appreciate you so much and we wish the best of you, have a great day!


  3. MissPenelope5B says:

    Hello Miss Lilian!

    We were very excited when we knew about your new blog entry! Thank you for for words, they are always very comforting for all of us. We sent you a big hug!!!


  4. Sofia Sanchez Astorga says:

    Thank you Miss Lilian for those words I am going to miss my teacher because I am passing to 6th grade and when I leave this school I am going to be really sad and gong to miss everyone!


  5. Miss Marcela says:

    Yes it was a different year, but like with every hard time we learn. And we learned that we are capable of adapting and thriving. Thank you Miss Lilian for ALWAYS putting are health first.


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