I am so happy to read the comments made by you and your teachers! It seems everyone loves Lucy! I am sure Lucy is going to be well taken care of because of the monthly donation I am making, and because all of you love her!

Here is a list of sanctuaries where one can find animals to adopt. Read this blog with your parents and ask them if they are willing to help. Even ten dollars a month would be a very kind donation that would help so many animals in need, and also animals that are in danger of extinction!

Teachers: please log into these following sites. The students will be amazed at how many animals they can adopt! it is very interesting!

Here is a donkey sanctuary. I am in love with donkeys too!

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.42.16 PM

Here is another site:

And here is a list of the 10 best sanctuaries in the world to visit!





Our dear, sweet Lucy arrived three years ago today – emaciated, screaming, terrified and completely full of fear. Today she’s grown into a beautiful, extremely inquisitive, lovely person who shows deep compassion and kindness and has a sense of humor rivaling most. She is adored beyond belief and makes us love and laugh every day! Thank you Lucy for being in our lives and loving us with all your soul. 🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍



Half a month has gone by and I haven’t written anything about fairness.

Life is not always fair and sometimes people, animals and even our planet live unfair situations that cause great pain.

In previous blogs I have written about how fortunate you are and how grateful you must be for all the blessings in your life. I have shown you videos of children who are less fortunate. Together we have contributed to the children in  Syria. Many of you helped the children at Casa Hogar, etc.

Now, on behalf of all of you and all of us at British American Institute I have adopted a chimp named LUCY. She is an orphan who now lives at a sanctuary in Liberia, Africa.Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 9.54.30 PM

Life was not fair to Lucy. She was kidnapped from her mother when she was one or two weeks old,  and for 4 to 5 months she was severely malnourished. She was very traumatized and had a hard time letting go of the human who had her.

Fortunately, this person dropped her off at the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue Sanctuary in Monrovia, Liberia in Africa  and there she was instantly taken care of. It took several days for her to finally trust  her new family, and now she is a very happy and loving chimp.

She has a fantastic sense of humor and is always playing jokes on her human moms. Lucy is always inventing new games and exploring her environment. She is very loving and now feels safe enough she trusts all the persons in the sanctuary.

So, you see, even though life was not fair to Lucy, it was only for a short time. Things have a way of working out, especially if there are people like you and me who really care about our world, our animals, our people.

The money I donated on behalf of all of us will help pay for her food and care.

So, allow me to  introduce to you a new sister: LUCY!

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 9.42.10 PM



The two previous blogs I’ve written for you have been on the subject of love, because for me, love is the only feeling capable of giving meaning to life; and also, because it is the value of the month and lastly, because I love you.

It is not enough to love. We must express  our love to others and we can do it in many ways. What would be the point of loving someone if we did not express our love to them by telling them or showing them?

A few weeks ago I received this card from a former student, Christian Mattei, who is currently studying High School in San Diego. He came to visit our school and left this lovely card for me. I am very grateful to him for expressing his love. Many of you have written beautiful cards and letters throughout the years, telling me of your love for me and for this wonderful school and its teachers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.15.32 PM

Miss Alma very kindly  sent me this video:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.24.24 PM.png

Although I cannot play it, it is when all of you sang to me Happy Birthday! And I thank you for doing so. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to play it, I need to learn more about computing. Prof. René must help me out!

Above you can see photos of people and places I love and who love me, and of students who love their pets and took them to school just the other day, to Miss Yulene’s class.

You can see a photo of many of you going to San Diego to the Civic Theater to enjoy the performance of Alladin, and this was made possible because it was my way to saying: I love you! Some of you went to see Wicked, which was also my way of showing my love.

Then you see a photo of four little dogs. The first two, from left to right are mine: Kitty is the Pomeranian and Bunny is the Yorkie; then you can see Miss Monica’s dogs: Kobe and Bingo, both Malte-poo. We adore them! And they adore us!

There is a photo of a former student, Orlando Vera and I, in Berlin, Germany. You see, even after many years we still keep in touch and I visited him a few years back when he was studying his Master’s Degree in Berlin. He was kind enough to be my guide in the city.

Two years ago we organized a reunion of former students at our school. About 200 showed up and had a wonderful time seeing their classmates and teachers. We love them all! Just as we love you and hope one day you will come back, after graduating from the university and we can have another party for you.

Then there is a photo of one of my sculptures. I love to create art. This is the head of a stag and I have it hanging over my fireplace at home. It is made of seashells, pearls, cord, and jewelry.

And lastly, you can see me sitting in front of my favorite place on Earth: the ocean! I absolutely love the ocean and its creatures.

So you see, there are many people, things, animals, places we can love. And there are many ways of loving one another.

Love is a language any person in the world can understand, even animals understand the language of love.






All of us surely love our planet, our community, our family, our friends, our teachers, our school…so what can we do to make a positive change in the world we love?





Close your eyes and think of the person or persons you love the most. Can you feel the love in your heart? What do you feel?

For me LOVE is the only force or feeling capable of giving meaning to life.

If we truly love a person, an animal, a thing, we will do our utmost to respect it, to value it, to appreciate it, to be grateful.

Imagine if everybody in the world truly  loved our planet…there would be no pollution, no contamination, no climate change, no trash in the ocean or in the streets. We would have clean water and air, clean streets and clear blue seas to swim in. the ocean creatures would have a very happy home.

Imagine if everybody in the world loved life…there would be no wars, no crime, no violence. If everybody loved one another life would be so different, all would be happy.

Do you truly love your parents? Your siblings? Your teachers and peers? Do you truly love your school? Do you love your pets? Do your pets love you?

What are you willing to do to express your love?

One of our students, Miguel Emilio Alessandrini, has been ill and in the hospital for some time now. His father tells me that he has been very brave and is recovering at home, but he has had a very tough time lately.

Who would like to write him a card or letter and express love and best wishes? I am sure that getting a card from any of you will make him feel loved and happy. Teachers, i invite you too, write to Miguel Emilio, even though he is not your personal student. It will make him feel appreciated and loved.

Love can be expressed through good manners, being respectful and courteous to others.






I am sorry I write this blog until now. I apologize, but I had a good reason. I was unwell for 15 days of the month and did not feel up to writing. Bu now I am much better and write it with zest!

Zest?! Yes, zest! With great enthusiasm and energy!

This is the best attitude we should have in life. When we take on the daily challenges with zest,  life seems easy and fun. On the contrary, if we feel sad or gloomy and tired, everything seems difficult and life becomes dull and unenjoyable.

There are so many examples of brave people that I have published before, who, despite having difficult handicaps, put all of their effort into achieving what to others may seem impossible. They do it because they have zest for life!

As I have told you before, you are very fortunate to be able to study in a nice environment, with good and loving teachers and nice friends. Think of all the millions of children who are less fortunate than you, and yet, so many of them still have zest for life. For being happy in life is not about having lots of toys, happiness comes from within and it has nothing to do with material possessions. It is an attitude. It is all about Zest!






Hello students! By now you have probably watched the videos I have posted and discussed what bravery is all about.

It doesn’t mean that we do not fear to do something, it means that we overcome fear by being brave and do the things we want to do or should do.

The videos you will watch now will make you realize how thankful you should be for the life you lead. There are countless children in the world who are not as fortunate as you; children who overcome their fear in order to achieve something worthwhile, like getting an education.

There are people who are also very brave who like to go on hikes and they do si by overcoming their fear of falling. Here is an example:

Even animals can be brave:






Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 12.44.29 PM



Bravery is a very important value in life. It allows us to do things that either help ourselves or help others.

Think about the Heroes of Chapultepec Castle. It took a lot of bravery for those boys to fight and defend their flag. They were children, just like you, but were even braver than most adults.

There are many people, children amongst them, that are extremely brave, and we do not even hear about them. I am going to show you different kinds of bravery, done by different people.

Please think seriously about it and strive to being brave yourselves. Even simple things in our everyday life requires us to be brave.

Do you think you are being very brave by coming to school everyday? Well, here are some children who risk their lives and are extremely brave because they travel through difficult terrain in order to reach their  schools. Would you do that?

What would you be willing to do to save another human being or an animal?


Brave people get over the fear they feel because of their love or compassion or civility  is even greater than their fear.

It takes a lot of courage to do what these people have done. But, you can start with simple things, like not being afraid of a harmless insect, or a little mouse. You can start being brave by standing up to a bully or defending a classmate from a bully.

Think of ways you can be brave or have been brave,  and share it with your teacher and classmates.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
― Nelson Mandela

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. J. K. Rowling